Product name: Temperature & Mask Recognition Stand_TMRS410

Due to the pandemic of Covid 19 the detection of body temperature, especially in closed and public places, is more and more urgent. This demand can be accomplished with the use of Temperature & Mask Recognition Stand TMRS410, a product which has been manufactured by FLEXNET.
The Temperature & Mask Recognition Stand TMRS410 allows organizations, companies, shopping centers, public sectors, airports, hotels, services etc to be able to measure the body temperature of visitors, employees, customers without contact, fast and easily without the requirement of involvement of any person during the process.
The user does not have to touch the device during the temperature measure and the result is depicted automatically in the screen of the device.
The Temperature & Mask Recognition Stand TMRS410 provides additional functions, such as:
• Body temperature detection
• Detection of use of protective mask
• Sound signals of notifications
• Embedded WiFi και Ethernet
• The product can operate as stand-alone or can be connected with any PC for remote access.
• Ability of photo capture in case of alarm (high body temperature and/or no use of protective mask)
• Public power network 220v, The unit has 6-hour autonomy through rechargeable batteries (duration of charge: 4 hours).
In the product there is available space for advertising or logo placement (140cm x 50cm)
Voice messages in Greek and English (or any other language).
Since the Temperature & Mask Recognition Stand TMRS410 is manufactured by FLEXNET it is a customized product according to the requirements of the customer.
Temperature & Mask Recognition Stand TMRS410 is competitive since has the additional ability of recognition of use of protective mask, something that is extremely useful in areas where the use of protective mask is mandatory, such as airports, transportation means, hospitals etc
Temperature & Mask Recognition Stand TMRS410 is available for sale and/or for monthly rent.
See the attached leaflet.