Monitoring System for PV Park 8MW at Athens International Airport

Design, supply, installation and putting in operation monitoring & Supervision hardware &software system (CUPA Portal) for the management and monitoring of AIA PV Park 8MW operation.

In more detail the system offers:

  • Turn- key solution for solar parks management.
  • Support of multiple and geographical distributed solar parks through a common control center.
  • Alarm detection and management independent from the equipment of the park.
  • Immediate informing for any problem or failure so as to minimize the equipment downtime. (Capability for SMS/email notification in case of critical alarms).
  • Periodical execution of equipment control and maintenance procedures according to the specifications of the equipment manufacturers.
  • Measurement of the performance of the installed infrastructure and of the park as a whole.
  • Monitoring and recording of necessary data for the automatic creation of a variety of reports concerning the supervised solar parks.
  • Capability for Access control and detailed records of the individuals that enter the park.
  • Secure and ciphered communication between the control center and the park for interception avoidance.
  • Enhanced security by integrating with CCTV and security subsystem using cameras and other security measures.

The complete P/V Park installation shall be optimally monitored and controlled. The CUPA solution has a long track record as well as the necessary open architecture and flexibility to comply with the requirements.